Activity Business LineKYC Domain
Functional domainCompliance
Involved ProcessesKnow Your Client
Risk domain(s)Financial Security
KeywordsFinancial Security, AML, CFT, Sanctions, KYC
Procedure typePolicy
ScopeBNP Paribas Group
Access rulesNon-restricted internal access
AuthorKYC Domain
Validated byCompliance Executive Committee
Date of the previous version
Validation date8 July 2016
Expiry date7 January 2018
Effective dateSee Transitional provisions § 1.4
Higher level procedures
Related procedures Compliance / Group Financial Security
  • CG0028 – General policy on anti-money laundering and the fight against terrorism financing.
  • CG0173 – Group’s financial security policy on fight against corruption.
  • CG0033 – Procedure concerning the monitoring of BNPP Group structures in countries and territories « under watch ».
  • CG0128 – Financial sanctions and embargos – Customer databases scanning with SUN tool.
  • CG0219 – Instructions on the implementation of the escalation process on Financial Security topics.
  • CG0223 – Management and monitoring of the specific cases of the Loro and Nostro USD accounts.
  • CG0097 – Group procedure on Countries’ sensitivity assessment.
  • CG0030 – Policy applicable to relationships with Politically Exposed Persons (PEP).
  • CG0233 – MSCQ Procedure.
  • CG0231 – OFAC Voluntary Self-Disclosures Procedure.
  • CG0214 – Relationships involving individual nationals and residents of major sanctioned countries – Including Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.
  • CG0229 – Group Procedure on Reporting of Potential Attempts to Circumvent or Evade U.S. Sanctions
  • CG0245 – Global Sanctions Policy.
  • CPL0248 – Procedure applicable to activities in relation with countries where BNP Paribas has no physical presence.
Compliance / Compliance Advisory
  • CG0240 – Compliance Decision Process following a request from the Business.
  • CG0198 – FATCA general procedure.
  • CG0239 – General Procedure re the OECD Standard For Automatic Exchange Of Financial Info.
  • CG0247 – Qualified Intermediary (QI) General Procedure.
Compliance / Market Integrity
  • CG0241 – Global policy on protecting market integrity.
Compliance / Protection of Interests of Clients
  • CG0075 – Global Policy on the Protection of Interests of Clients: « Good Sales Practices ».
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • RSE0020 – Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR monitoring and exclusion lists procedure.
  • RSE0014 – CSR – Goods and Activities exclusion list.
Cancelled procedures
  • CG0055 – General Policy concerning the duty of vigilance with regard to KYC.
  • CG0080 – Responsibilities and information sharing on KYC topics for the multi-sites or multi-business customers.
  • CG0211 – Instructions on Business Relationships KYC review.
Regulatory textsCode Monétaire et Financier (France)